•  Meltons: Please see our entire range of melton wools for your uniform needs in every imaginable color,  weight and  weave.

  • Doeskins: 100% wool blazers in a wide range of colors normally used by armed forces of any army any era.

  • Camouflage  “Camo” fabrics:  We have an ex-stock range of over 60 camouflage prints from all over the world.  We also custom print camouflage fabric for your unique needs – please send me an e-mail detailing your requirements.

  • Serge:  From every army,  from every era – there is no way you will not find your serge or atleast the closest match possible.  We have some museum quality fabrics also.

  • Barathea: The finest military baratheas for the best blue patrols in pure silk incipient contents.

  • Herringbone twill: If you couldn’t find it anywhere else,  you will find it here,  but you might have to custom order.

  • Drills & Twills: We dye our own drills and twills  and we even dye for one shirt or trouser at no extra cost – the best way to expand your inventory or make that impossible uniform for your unit.  100% cotton fabrics with no man made content.

  • Poplins and Cottons: Every imaginable fabric ever used by any army – custom dyed in even shirt lengths.

  • Flannels: Anything and everything ever used by the US,  Canadian,  British and German forces – custom dyed in  3 meter lengths to get your exact shades.

  • Feld andStein Grau (Field and stone grey):  The exact fabric to make your imperial,  ww1 or ww2 German uniforms,  available ex-stock.

  • Seersucker: This hould make the Army medical corp personnel of the US Army happy – limited shades are available though.

  • Khaki’s:We will give you your exact Khaki – you might have to submit a sample though in some rare cases.

  • Waterproofed raincoat and tenting fabrics: Available on custom order.

  • Blazers: A very exhaustive collection and we also custom make blazer.

  • Tartan:  We custom make tartans and have a few popular one’s in stock – please ask for details.

  • CUSTOM MADE FABRICS: If you have not found your fabric even now then may we suggest you have it custom made.  For 100% cotton fabrics we custom make and dye your fabric,  to your exact color,  with absolutely no minimum order restrictions which means we will dye you 3 meters for a shirt – if required!  For impossible to find wools our minimum quantities are normally 100 meters or for 20 uniform sets – whichever is higher.  Any camouflage fabric from any era is printed with a minimum order restriction of 300 meters.  Please send me an e-mail for your custom requirements.