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We, at Ujna Universal,  manufacture a wide range of tents and have supplied tents to the United Nations and various reenacting groups.  We can make tents in a wide range of fabric.  We also water proof the fabric and make the fabric fire proof.  Our speciality is custom made tents for every application - we also replicate tents,  shelter halves,  Zeltbahns etc from every war and era.  Please contact us for your requirements of tents and shelters for movies.  We also manufacture command tents,  hospital tents,  disaster relief tents,  storage tents,  Marquee tents,  camping tents,  wall tents and event tents.

We use a wide range of canvas and vinyls for manufacturing our tents.  All colours are available since we dye our own fabric and waterproof it ourselves.  You can also have wax waterproofing or chemical waterproofing.   Fabric for tents is available in olive green,  olive drab,  khaki and tan in ready stock for quick deliveries.  We also carry a whole host of articles in ready stock for tents,  like tent pegs,  ropes,  poles (in aluminium,  steel or bamboo).  We also make and carry mosquito netting in various colours for the tents and can provide tent windows and tent doors in hidden and apparent mosquito nets. 
We also custom make ground sheets for tents in any dimensions in any thickness.
We manufacture tents and netting in camouflage fabrics for army,  paramilitary and military use.  We can custom print camouflage for your application.  We specialize in artillery netting and camouflage netting.
Besides army tents,  we also manufacture wedding tents,  garden tents,  demo tents,   camping tents,  family ridge tents, relief tents and luxury tents.  In short,  we can make a custom tent for your every tent requirements.
We also make tents for motion picture props and movies.
For historical and reneacting tents please see our page of the army and era - they are already pictured there.
Please contact or  for your immediate assistance.
For various military,  army,  paramilitary tents we provide airlifting services to required areas.  For military tents we manufacture the command post tent,  Marquee tents in all types,  senior officer tents,  military frame tents,  army camouflage netting and mosquito netting.
We also manufacture refugee tents in all sizes and have the capacity to manufacture a large number of tents quickly.  We also supply wool blankets and ground sheets for refugees.  These tents are available to all relief,  United Nations and other agencies.
We manufacture our tents out of  canavas,   denim,  army duck and drills/twills - please e-mail for more information.

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